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Are you looking for professional bookkeeping services in Salt Lake City, Utah? Look no further! Tera Shoop is here to support your business with her expertise and passion for bookkeeping.

About Tera Shoop

As a mom and wife, Tera understands the importance of supporting her family, and she’s delighted to offer her bookkeeping skills to help businesses thrive. With a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and years of experience, Tera has worked with diverse companies across various industries, mastering the art of bookkeeping and payroll.

Alita Hall

CEO and Lead Bookkeeper at AMH Bookkeeping, LLC. With over 20 years in the games, I’ve handled everything from family therapy to cool merch businesses. But for the past decade, real estate has been my jam. I’ve got an Associate’s Degree as an Accounting Specialist and a Bachelor’s in Business Operations Management with an accounting focus. That’s right, I’m not just balancing your books; I’m strategizing your business ops from a money-smart angle.

When I’m not deep in spreadsheets, you’ll find me diving into fiction or expressing myself through color – these aren’t just hobbies; they’re my soul food. But the real MVPs in my life? My three teenage kids. They keep me grounded, motivated, and are the reason I aim for nothing less than excellence. Integrity is my vibe, whether I’m negotiating a deal or picking a new read. That’s how I roll, both in business and in life.

Kalena Crowther

Kalena owns Double K Bookkeeping. Kalena has been helping Shoop Financial for over 4 years now as a bookkeeper. Kalena also helps her dad with tax prep and tax work for his clients. Kalena is a numbers gal and likes to help businesses.

When Kalena is not working with clients, she spends her time with her two precious boys. She makes sure her kids are top priority and taken care of every single day. Kalena loves to do everything she can for her boys. Kalena is a single mom with her VIP’s being her boys. Kalena loves taking them places to explore the world. 

Kalena Crowther


Hello My name is Angela, I am owner of Making Cents Count Bookkeeping. I specialize in working with small women owned business, focusing on processes and workflows. I help business owners by implementing digital processes and streamline workflow. My passion in watching your business achieve success.

Outside of bookkeeping, I enjoy anything outdoors and in nature. I think the world is a beautiful place and deserves every bit of my free time. I have two amazing teenagers where I get to watch grow into amazing individuals in this world.


Tera Shoop?

Tera’s love for bookkeeping reflects in her dedication to assisting others. Whether you run a small startup or an established company, Tera’s knowledge and skills can cater to your unique business needs. She believes that supporting others is an inspiration to achieve not only professional success but also a fulfilling personal life.
Since receiving her Bachelor degree in accounting, Tera Shoop has done bookkeeping and payroll for many different companies and in several different industries. Her love and passion for the work has given her the knowledge and skills to help any business in need of her services.

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