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Shoop Financial Services specializes in helping business owners get organized with their finances. Our team helps owners take out the guess work in their finances and keeps the books in line with GAAP and FASB. Shoop Financial really wants to make bookkeeping easy for business owners to understand and have confidence that the numbers on their financial documents are correct from month to month. The owner, Tera Shoop, is passionate about helping business owners understand the amount they are spending each month. Businesses often want to get new equipment or a loan for a new vehicle and Tera will help in deciding if that is a good option or not. When a business needs a bookkeeper, Shoop Financial is the one to call.


What We Do


  • Quick and Accurate Payroll
  • Direct Deposits for Employees
  • Timely and Efficient
  • Great Service

Payroll Tax

  • ​Federal Income Tax
  • State Withholding
  • State Unemployment
  • Federal Unemployment

​ Bookkeeping

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bookkeeping Cleanup
  • Income Statement, Balance

Online Services

  • Cash Management Online
  • Balance Reporting
  • Direct Deposit
  • ACH – Debit and Credit Processing
Why Choose Me

Accurate Record Keeping

Always On Time

Hard Working

24/7 Availability

Tera Shoop - Founder

Since receiving her Bachelor degree in accounting, Tera Shoop has done bookkeeping and payroll for many different companies and in several different industries. Her love and passion for the work has given her the knowledge and skills to help any business in need of her services.

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